Your Engagement Shoot 

Not every photographer is the same.

This is a guide on how to get the most from your engagement shoot.

Dress for Success

Ethos: Preparation, Preparation, Prepatation

Classic style will always stand the test of time. When choosing an outfit for your shoot, try to dress up as much as you feel comfortable with.

Hair and make-up choices also play a huge role in the overall look and feel of your shoot, so take time out to consider your look for the day.

We intend these images to be treasured for a lifetime.

Understated style is the key.

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Story Telling Through Details

Ethos: The beauty is in the details

The way you dress and the things you choose to display say a lot about what matters to you - the watch from your parents, the earrings from your first holiday together. There is significance in each detail.

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Natural Moments

Ethos: Relax

You have had your hair done, you're wearing your favourite clothes; now it's time to relax.

Your session is all about images of you, not trying to be someone else. 

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