Your wedding day is a work of art.

A story made up of many different parts - the moments that frame your arrival at the ceremony, the glances shared by your guests.

It’s a lasting testimony to the love that you both share.

More of the story than you know is tied up in the people you share your day with.

The dresses you choose for your bridesmaids, the floral arrangements you have designed and the hair styles you choose all play a part in the way that your day is remembered.

Simple elegance

People say that amazing design isn’t about more, it’s about less - the most memorable dresses are often the ones with the fewest embellishments.

Try to stick to one major feature when looking for dresses for your nearest and dearest.

The same principle is often applied to hair and makeup. The aim is to establish a unified yet individual look.

Floral displays

Incorporating elements from your own bouquet helps tie in the look of the bridesmaids.

A unique touch

Sparing use of jewellery for your bridesmaids helps to add a touch of uniqueness to their attire, a broach or hair clip can do much to help add a touch of flair.

Although these details may seem trivial, they help provide dimension to your day, helping to tell a visual story of your wedding day.

Take the time out with your bridesmaids to carefully select the attire. When you look back at the images of your wedding I want you to remember that day you spent with a bottle of wine pouring over glossy magazines and Pinterest boards to pick out the perfect details.

When I show you your wedding images I want you to feel attachment to every element of your wedding.

Take the time to reflect on the people you love.

There is beauty in the details.

Tom W