Josh and Cat

Josh and Cat

Relationships Are About Being Real

Forget Perfect

No-one on this earth is perfect. Every successful marriage involves two less-than-perfect people, choosing to work hard at being the best couple that they can be, learning from their mistakes and not letting the fear of failing stop them.

As you took steps to get to know one another there will have been times that it might have been easier to give up, to walk away and choose not to stand by this person you have grown to love.

But you chose to stay, and you continue to honour that choice everyday. As time passes, you are getting to know this person you love. Understanding why they hurt and what makes them happy.

By getting married, you are showing the world your dedication to being a better person for them, so you can better complement them.


Your Relationship as it Really is

Like I said, we aren’t perfect. Instead, we find ways to complement our better halves, and, like two people, no two relationships are the same. 

Your relationship is a work in progress and it always will be. And that’s the best part! You get to enjoy the relationship as you make these wonderful discoveries, find new things you love about life and each other and feel the comfort of knowing that this amazing person will be with you always.

So don’t expect things to be perfect right now. Don’t try and rush through the growing pains. Enjoy your life as is. Knowing what it could be.

After all, you have the rest of your lives together.