John and Anna's Lancashire Countryside Engagement Shoot

John and Anna's Lancashire Countryside Engagement Shoot

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I don't know how I ended up meeting my wife, I was just living life and a friend decided to do something new. If I hadn't gone to that party I don't think I would have married the woman of my dreams and we only lived a half hour apart.

John lives and works in Chicago and Anna is from Lancashire. This is amazing to me, they fell in love with a person that was literally half the world away for most of their lives. Neither moved to Chicago for the other but without making that choice they would never have met.

I don't believe in fate but I love how wonderful life is. The choices you make everyday help build the rest of your life. That house move, new job or new hobby you decided to take up matter in more ways than just the mundane. They shape your future.

Marriage is the same, each choice you make together helps build a solid foundation for your life. Right now your shaping the lives of you and the people you love. When you decide to play head out to the middle of nowhere for a walk, spend time with friends or just sit in front of the fire with a boardgame your building your future.

John and Anna Your both amazing. I'm glad I can be a part of your story. 

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