Something New

Something New

Your Work Is An Art Form

If you work just to pay the bills you're likely in the wrong job.

There I said it, no one does their best work waiting for 5pm and praying for the day to be over. That said, finding work you enjoy seems to be a rarity. When you do come across someone that works just for the challenge of being a better craftsman or person, trying to produce something that matters, you are in the presence of an artist.

People like that encourage you to work outside of your comfort zone, to push for something new. To make art for the sake of it.

Support Your Local Artist

You are a community and you have a responsibility to support people that have the drive to make amazing work and collaborate, help those people satisfy that creative drive to come up with something you can all be proud of.

You are stronger as a team.

Creative team

Hair Stylists : Simon Townley Hair

Models : Brittany Rose Hargreaves & Sophie Hope

Makeup Artist: Rhianna Lydia - (39 of 136).jpg