The Changing Face of Coffee Shop Culture.

The Changing Face of Coffee Shop Culture.

There are few things I love more than fresh ground coffee, I love the sense of calmness provided when taking time out from your day to do something as simple as savour a fresh ground Americano and a chocolate brownie, but something is missing from the equation. Coffee shops can often feel like sitting in a stranger's living room - everything looks comfortable but nothing is familiar. Coffee has been through something of a revolution in recent years, no longer do we have to settle for instant coffee at home.

From traditional and time intensive preparation methods like French Press and Hob Espresso Makers to newer and faster systems like the Coffee Pods or Espresso Machines it's never been easier to get a good cup of coffee at home.

This is where the revolution starts. Now we have the freedom to enjoy coffee with people we love in the places we shaped.

I urge you all to bake something from scratch and make fresh coffee for the people closest too you, when you're done let me know how the time spent with your friends stacks up with your usual coffee shop.

Truly great coffee shops aren't just places we visit to unwind, they are places to experience.

The coffee shop culture of the past years seems to be shifting. Many are trading the manufactured environments of most of today's coffee franchises in favour of locations with more character, seeking out the independent, the unique.

From the coffee roaster that turns the grounds by hand, to the coffee shop built in the shell of a victorian amphitheatre or the coffee shop that's all about fine tea, we crave something different.

Next time you're about to head to your usual coffee shop, maybe it's time to try something new.

Home Images are a series I shot for Vintage Manchester blog with Emma.

Tom W