Tom WrightComment


Tom WrightComment

I'm a man married to the woman of my dreams

Hi, I'm Tom and I'm a wedding and portrait photographer.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto the important stuff.

I'm a man married to the woman of my dreams.

We met young and I couldn't be more grateful. Katie has helped shape my life more than any other person I have ever met. 

There will be times in your life when you relish the moments that you shared, the rings you exchanged, the people you love… all of it.

We discovered each other out of the blue and she changed my life forever.

Growing together has been the most rewarding experience of my life and she has helped shape my view of life, married or otherwise.

The importance of the vows people exchange help to shape the course of life forever.

I believe that there is beauty in the everyday. When I look back on my life the times I have felt most loved or at peace tend to be the moments on the fringes of a day. 

I guess what I'm trying to say is that my job is to notice the quiet moments and give them as much focus as the loud.

This becomes far more important on your wedding day, the day goes past so quickly that the day can often seem like a blur.

My goal is to preserve the memories of your day while you enjoy making them.

Tom W