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If you’re looking for an editing style that focuses on timeless colours, flattering skin tones, and emulating film looks without having to spend hours working through your weddings image by image, I’m your man.

I offer wedding editing packages starting at £200 for weddings with up to 600 images. My work includes basic colour correction and exposure adjustment. I can work with the range of film looks you see on this page or we can work with an existing style or look to help build up a consistent and elegant result.

in-house remote editing

Outsourcing should be a collaboration. I work with a limited number of photographers each year and would devote time working with you to make sure that the resutls you’re seeing match your vision for your work and support the direction you’re looking to take your business.

Want to develop the way we deal with mixed lighting? We can talk it through and make changes.

Prefer a darker edting style but want to keep the skin tones bright? We can come up with solutions together.

I want you to see my editing as an extension of your business and build a long-term relationship.


HOw does it work?

I work around your workflow to make sure we help save you time, as long as you’re using lightroom and have access to a service like dropbox or google drive, we are good to go.

Before we make a start, I take the time to video chat and talk through your preferences and work out what presets you would prefer to use for colour correction and toning your images. We talk about your preferences in white balance and how you prefer to handle mixed light and flash. Once we have all your preferances, we can start the first edit.

Upload the lightroom catalogue and smart previews to the file-sharing service of your choice and I’ll begin the edit. Once the work is completed the catalogue is returned to you and all you need to is open the catalogue.

If you have feedback on the work or changes for the next edit, we can talk more and refine your edits.

Some prefer to have more finite control over how their images look on a per-wedding basis, but still want to reduce their workload. In that case, just edit a selection of images in each part of the day. We can use those images as a reference for the rest of the edits for the surrounding images.

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